Etta James Tribute

"Jannelle delivers, because she feels it, and be cause she has so much respect for Etta James" - Beth Garner

"What I love abut Jannelle is, she's the real deal... She takes you to another level!" - Shelly Riff



Etta James Tribute

As an avid fan of Etta James, Jannelle Means had a vision to give people an experience of showcasing the rawness and authenticity of Etta James’ voice and music. 

In 2013, Jannelle Means did her first tribute to Etta at Douglas Corner Café in Nashville, TN. With rave reviews from many, she decided to bring the tribute back in 2018. Several people were glad to witness Ms. Means bring the show back with even more conviction and passion in her vocals and performances.

Jannelle likes to include the history and facts about Etta’s songs in her shows, expressing her appreciation of what is really meant behind the beauty of the songs. While giving moments to disclose some of who she is personally through the way she conveys each song, Jannelle also makes sure to channel the essence of Etta in her vocal performance. 

The Etta James tribute is a journey through time, spotlighting the popular and obscure songs by the songstress. It is an event for all ages and for communities all of the world that celebrate the timeless art of one of the most beloved female vocalists of all time.

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